"Explosion In The Cosmos"

Just as the universe began as a singularity in a dark, empty void, so began Carlos Ramplla's lates work: a blank layered with darkness, soon to become shrouded in the nebulae of the cosmos, layer upon layer at a time. In a movement reminiscent of the Big Bang, he splattered the stars into being. Unlike turqouise, light pulple, orange and yellow herald the arrival of the planets, or perhaps the death knell of a supernova. Cosmic events such as these cannot be captured within the confines of your average landscape; the scale of this piece reflects the enormity of creation itself, its bold colors capturing just a taste of the universe's own interstellar light show.


Carlos Arturo Rampolla Mora was born on April 7, 1978 in Panama City to actor and poet Carlos Arturo Rampolla Rovi and Yolanda Edith Mora Bonilla. Rampolla's interest in art began at the age of two, scribblig his drawings on the sidewalk as his mother looked on. While his father nurtured Carlos's artistic side, buying him his firts set of art supplies, his mother taught him the values in his life he holds dear, among the humility and believing in one's dreams. He has four sisters and one brother; Veroushcka, Natashja, Daneshcka, Carelia and Enoc. Caslos Rampolla was voed as one of Panama's most promisisng young artist. His paintings have been exhibited in art galleries, cultural centers, and restorants throughout Panama and California

Carlos began his carrer as a fine artist around 1990 at the age of 12 with a series of family drawings, a portrait of his sister Natashja, and illustrations of biblical scriptures. In 1996 he enrolled in the Ganexa Academy of art in PanamaCity, graduating with Fine Arts Degree in 2000. During his time there he worked on a piece capturing one of the most important moments in Panama's history, the transfer of the Panama Canal from the United States to the Panamanian government. He commemorated this event with two paintings: "31 de Diciembre de 1999" and "Llegada del día anhelado".

The Realistic Portraits Period (2000-2002)

After graduation, Carlos worked on portraits of well-known Panamanian figures such as: Actress Anita Villalaz. New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera, ex-president of Panama Mireya Moscoso, ex-president Martin Torrijos, Alberto Motta and others.


In June of 2002 Rampolla moved to San Francisco, California. In 2003 he created "100 Años De Mi Panamá", in honor of 100 years of Panamanian independence. That same year he created a painting in tribute to his four favorites painters: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, and Vicent Van Gogh, with the painting "Four Grand Masters an Me".

The Surreal Period

2003-Present: Rampolla began a series of spiritual paintings inspired by the indigenous flower of his native Panama, "La Flor del Espiritu Santo" (The Flower of the Holy Spirit). The flower takes on the distinct appearance of a doe being born from the bud of the flower and had become Rampolla's personal motif. During this time he also worked on a series of portraits including President Obama and a tribure to the late Michael Jackson, capturing the latter's musical energy. In late 2010 he began construction on his most ambitious project to date, "Explosion in the Cosmos", a project that he would work on and off until its completion in 2012.

The artist is also an aspiring actor, portraying himself in the film "The Unconscious Mind" by Comboian-American filmaker Daron Ker, a film that also required the creation of several paintings for the set. At age seven, in his first acting role he performed alongside his father and renowned Panamanian actor, poet and dramatist Miguel Moreno in the play "La Torre Sobre El Gallinero". He's also appeared as an extra on the set of James Bond: Quantum of Solace, as well as numerous television commercials ind his native Panama.

Currently Carlos is in the planning stage of the next in a series of figurative abstract paintings spearheaded by "Explosion", and hopes tho have them displayed in galleries, homes, and bouldings, from San Francisco to Panama City...and perhaps the universe

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