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CARLOS RAMPOLLA is a Panamanian-American fine artist, model, and actor based in San Francisco, California.

Rampolla was born on April 7, 1978 in Panama City, Panama to actor and poet Carlos Arturo Rampolla Rovi and Yolanda Edith Mora Bonilla. Carlos interest in art began at the age of two scribbling drawings on the sidewalk as his mother looked on.

Rampolla's father nurtured his artistic side, buying him his first set of art supplies, and his mother had taught him the values in life that he holds dear among them: humility and believing in one's dreams.

In 2000 he earned his bachelor degree in fine arts from the prestigious Ganexa Academy of Art in Panama City. In June 2002 Rampolla moved to San Francisco, California and become a naturalized U.S. citizen My paintings have been exhibited in art galleries, cultural centers, and restaurants throughout Panama and California.


2013 -
Exhibition with Artspan SF Open Studios (Second Weekend) at: MYSF Yoga 3030 16th Street. San Francisco, CA
2013 -
Exhibition of the "San Francisco Street Cars" series paintings and interview of the public at Union Square Park for the documentary "The Rampolla Project"in San Francisco, California
2012 -
Completed the painting "Explosion In The Cosmos".
2011 -
Exhibition at Arrivederchi café in San Rafael, California..
2010 -
Exhibition with Artspan at Bay View Opera House for fall open studios.
2010 -
Exhibiton at Cera Una Volta restaurant in Oakland, California.
2009 -
Exhibition at Arrivederchi café in San Rafael, California..
2008 -
Painted portrait of president Barack Obama and Michael Jackson.
2007 -
Displaying and selling art at Justin Hermann Plaza and Fisher man's Wharf, San Francisco, California.
2006 -

Submitted a family portrait painting to The Office Of The Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento, California.

2006 -

Italian Tuscany mural landscape for Cera Una Volta restaurant in Oakland, Alameda, California.

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Model / Actor


2001 - Certificate of Completion             BOD Action Agency,                     Panama City, Panama.

TV Commercials:

2002 - Pepsi                                               One month promotion                    Panama City, Panama.

2001 - Adidas cologne                               Panama City, Panama

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1998 - La Torre Sobre El Gallinero  - National Theater ,         Panama City, Panama.

1995 - Los Físicos  -National Theater , Panama City, Panama.

Fashion Shows:

2001 - National University              Panama City, Panama.

2001 - Panama Hotel Convention Center  Panama City, Panama


2004 - The Unconscious Mind         San Francisco, California.

2008 - as a backgroundn artist  on the set of James Bond Quantum of Solace.

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